Is 2 Chainz eyeing a career in politics?

The rapper, who released Pretty Girls Like Trap Music earlier this year, spoke on the possibility during an interview with Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

“I could,” he said. “I’m from College Park. It’s a city right outside of Atlanta, Georgia and I’m passionate about my neighborhood, my community. The mayor that was serving when I was thinking about taking the crown from him had been there for 20 or 30 years, so they were eager for a change, but they had a few prerequisites that I couldn’t meet like staying in the same county and things like that because I didn’t want to stay in the same county still. It’s about growth. It’s about maturation. I feel like one day I could do something like that.”

2 Chainz went on to say that he would legalize marijuana if given the chance to serve as mayor. “I would definitely have medicinal marijuana as an alternative to opium,” he said. “I would do things in the community, starting with things that I’m true to.”

He would also launch a 24-hour recreation center and fund county programs. “I feel like a lot of kids don’t come outside anymore,” he added. “A lot of them either play video games or are on their phones. I would like to give them something to do.”

For now, 2 Chainz will continue to be a rapper and now, he’s even a television show host. His Viceland show “Most Expensivest” is set to debut tonight at 10:30 p.m.