Exclusive Interview J Gomes

Today we had an exclusive chance to interview J Gomes:

Raptology: What is your legal Name?
J Gomes: Jason Gomes. I’m getting ready to to change it to MISTER GOMES THOUGH LOL.

Raptology: How did You come up with your stage name?
J Gomes: growing up my father called me J Money so that’s what people called me but when my mother called me to wake me up for school it was always Jason then Jay by the third call it was J Gomes and I like I real name so I didn’t need a gimmick.

Raptology: Where are you from?
J Gomes: Connecticut the place diddy doesn’t think there’s any talent at! Lol.. One of the smallest states but a state that once had the highest murder rate in the country a state Obama mentioned in a press conference about drugs and I’m not at all glorifying the negative just pointing out CT isn’t it what people think.

Raptology: What was the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
J Gomes: The most trouble I’ve gotten into in my life I was charged with attempted murder. I faced 30 years I was able to get it down to 10 I ended up serving 8 of those 10. When you miss that much time out of your life it’s time you make some changes.

Raptology: What tools do you find indispensable for accomplishing a song or project?
J Gomes: A good engineer/producer I appreciate a engineer who would tell me nah that ain’t it or that they didn’t like the way I said a certain word do it again. No matter how long it takes we go until it’s right! That’s why I’ve been with the same engineer forever.

Raptology: What were your grades in school?
J Gomes: I got good grades in school, I think a few times in middle school like one or two D’s but when I got to high school good grades good attendance.

Raptology: What would you have done differently if you knew then what you knew now?
J Gomes: Nothing, I honestly believe everything I have done is what made me who I am today I had to go through my own hell to get here I may not be the same person if I went left instead of right! And I happen to like who I’ve become.

Raptology: What is the best advice you ever received?
J Gomes: Not to let certain energies around me! This is something I think we all know, but when it comes to certain people we may feel guilty about not having them around so we allow them in our space. But when a third party see’s something they don’t think is good for you and tells you it’s almost reassuring so you don’t have to feel guilty.

Raptology: Do you remember the first rhyme you wrote?
J Gomes: Yes I do, but I only remember it be when I first started “writing “ music I couldn’t physically write it down I couldn’t focus that way I had to write in my head by saying it over and over and over. So I didn’t write in the beginning I know everybody tries to do that now because of Jay and Bigg, but when I doing it it was because I had to. At first hearing that they didn’t write I thought they just freestyled their verse off the top I wasn’t thinking I was doing the same thing and I didn’t think it was a big deal.

Raptology: What is your latest release?
J Gomes: the last project I dropped was KALL ME MISTER and I did a side 1 and a side 2 but i have for project dropping before the end of the year 11/6 THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 11/27 MR.GOMES 12/18 GROOVE AND ALSO ON 12/18 GROOVY.

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