Gucci Mane Confirms Leaving Warner Music, Announces 101 Distribution Deal



Following his mid-2000s three-album deal with Big Cat/Tommy Boy Records, Gucci Mane officially became a major label star when he inked a contract with the Warner Music Group. Between 2007’s Trap House and 2010’s The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted, the Atlanta, Georgia-based emcee released five albums within the label conglomerate. These releases were handled by Atlantic Records, Asylum Records and Warner Bros. Records, with two additional collaborative works also releasing within the infrastructure.

In a new interview with, Gucci has confirmed his exit from the label, which recently merged with Atlantic. “I’m thankful that we were able to part ways on good terms with [Warner Bros. Records]” Gucci said. “The music industry has changed so much and I just thought it was time to make the switch. The majors can’t move as fast as doing it independent. We’ve got the fan base and now we have full control over every decision. I’ve already made more money with 101 [Distribution] than I ever saw on the back end with Warner. Nothing can compete with 100% payouts.”

101 Distribution is a Phoenix, Arizona-based digital and physical distributor. They have worked with The LOX, DJ Drama and Malik Yusef, among others.

“Arena currently pays artists $0.21 per stream for up to three total tracks per album which can be interchanged with other tracks from the same album,” explained 101’s Executive Director Damon Evans. “It’s clear from the data were collecting that Arena’s royalty rate is only going to increase. It doesn’t matter what new services launch or how many new consumer features existing services add. Arena is the only fair solution.”

In March, a label representative from Warner Bros. Records publicly defended Gucci Mane’s tweets against Waka Flocka Flame as a Twitter hacker. Waka is believed to remain a Warner/Atlantic artist, under his own Brick Squad Monopoly imprint. Last month, Gucci Mane also publicly claimed to The Fader that he was still signed to Atlantic, the current Hip Hop arm for Warner.

Earlier this year, Gucci self-released Trap House III through his own 1017 Brick Squad imprint, also selling from his Bandcamp page.

His name released is planned to be a label compilation, Big Money Talk, which will include appearances from Chief Keef and Waka Flocka Flame.

Read the full interview with Gucci Mane and Damon Evans.