Gunplay Says He’s Ready To Move Forward With Def Jam, Talks Past Drug Use








Now that the news of Miami rapper Gunplay’s deal with Def Jam has had some time to settle, the rapper is finally sharing the details of his solo deal and how it came to fruition.

During his interview with XXL Magazine, Gunplay spoke on the negotiation process for the deal which he says took at least a month and while he didn’t share the specifics he says he was also approached by several other interested labels.

“You know we was negotiating about a month or two, you know what I’m saying, just to get everything right. And just to get everything fair to where everybody could leave the table happy,” Gunplay explained. “Everything worked out just fine; we’re ready to move forward so it’s dry now so we’re just ready to make the best music possible. It was a few labels that was interested, but you know I just like to—I don’t like moving around, I’m not a clique hopper, you know what I’m saying? I like to keep it in house. So that was the move I made and I just wanted to keep it in house.”

On a more serious note the rapper also shared the details of his past drug use and how his mother helped him quit cocaine thanks to her medical expertise.

“It got pretty bad. It got bad. I can’t let it get to the point where I steal and shit…I’m back to reality,” said Gunplay. “I’m back to life. That shit gives you a fucked-up attitude. It makes you snap on people you love. It’s not you, it’s the chemical imbalance that happens in your brain from snorting up that shit. You don’t even realize it. You think it’s the world against you. ‘Nah nigga, your brain’s about to melt.’ My mama’s a nurse. She tells me about that shit. She knew I got high and she would just pray that I stopped. My mind is clear. I’m thinking way clearer and I’m not thinking on impulse much. I talk about it and acknowledge it.”