Ludacris Tells Forbes About “Ludaversal,” Business Ventures





While some names that appeared on Forbes’ latest list of the highest paid rappers are hardly unexpected, one entry that might have surprised some listeners was Ludacris, who’s kept fairly quiet this year. Now, Luda reveals to Forbes the secret of his success.

Luda gave the run-down on his myriad of business ventures, saying that diversifying his portfolio has been the key to his success. In addition to having major stakes in his Soul By Ludacris headphones and Conjure Congac line, the Atlanta rapper has been working with his 10 year old daughter on a new educational website.

“I rap at least once a year that I’m on one of the Forbes lists, and that’s a great thing. The headphones are part of the reason,” he said. “When we talk about building brands, we’re not in it for the short run. It’s not about getting in and hurrying up and trying to sell something…we get offers all the time; that doesn’t mean we take every offer that comes to us…it’s almost the same as someone working in an office building from nine to five, and then on the weekends they go partying. Every human being has different sides to themselves, and they showcase their emotions in different ways…I’d be doing fans a disservice if I only showed one side of myself.”

Ludacris also gave a update on his forthcoming eighth solo album Ludaversal, due out this September 11. Much in line with his wide range of business pursuits, Chris says that the new LP will give fans a more well rounded look at the emcee’s life and music.

“I traveled the world over the last two years, I got to see a lot of things and had a lot of experiences,” he says. “That’s what Ludaversal is all about. Really kind of being vulnerable and letting you into my life…people are definitely going to understand a lot more about the personal side of Chris Bridges when they hear this album.”