Maxi Maxx storms hip hop with dedicated work ethic and unmatched talent

Without the push of a record label, Maxi Maxx continues to dominate. Proof that success isn’t beyond reach for an independent artist.

Born Larry Traynham in Newark, New Jersey, he is now a popular artist that has cultivated a massive fanbase. Upon the untimely passing of his brother, “Big Maxx,” he would brainstorm a name to continue his brother’s legacy while also building his own. With his brother being a well-known figure in the neighborhood, he was called by the nickname “lil max.” He however wanted something fresh and unique that kept focus on his brother’s life. After brainstorming names like “Mad Maxx” and “Maximum,” he would settle on Maxi Maxx.

The origins that led to his point of stardom wasn’t by any means a smooth road, but one he overcame, nonetheless. Maxx would eventually move with his mother to the most dangerous environment in Newark at the age of 12. He would gain the respect of peers older than him due to his character and presence on the basketball court while hooping. Maxx would experience the struggle of low income early in his life and made the decision to become affiliated with the streets as a means to support his mother financially and pay the pile of bills.

While living the street life, Maxx would become influenced musically by the legend Ray Charles and his versatility and ability to create a song for any mood or emotion. Maxx gravitated to music more and more, until he discovered his own talent over beats. He would refine his craft and release a total of 14 mixtapes which brought him huge success and recognition. So much so that he became an official affiliate of Rick Ross’s illustrious MMG but turned down a deal due to legal concerns around masters and publishing.

That only showed the power that Maxx had as an independent artist. His streaming numbers were going off the charts. With 50 million plus streams across SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal, Maxx has been killing the game. Not to mention his debut mixtape “Main Event” was hosted by the exact same cd as the legendary Max B. Maxi Maxx would go on to further his brand as the CEO of New Jersey label, F.E.A.R INC records. Maxx never stops grinding, performing throughout COVID-19 at car shows, The Lakewood Blue Claws stadium and on top of the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City.

Currently, Maxx is gearing up to release his debut album in the near future, so follow his social media online and stream his lengthy catalog while he works on the finishing touches.


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