Missy Elliott Suing Car Dealership For Lamborghini

Buying a car has never been an easy process, but it looks like Missy Elliott’s recent car shopping experience proved more problematic than the average. In a recent report from TMZ, the Virginia raptress is apparently suing an Illinois car dealership over a recently purchased Lamborghini.

The lawsuit claims that Elliot purchased a white 2012 Lamborghini Aventador from the Illnois-based Fox Valley Motor Cars. She agreed to make a down payment of $30,000 cash and her $85,000 2005 Bentley for the new vehicle with the stipulation that the dealership deliver the vehicle by mid-2012.

Now, however, Elliott claims that Fox Valley Motor Cars has breached their agreed upon contract and refuses to deliver the automobile. The auto dealer says that they won’t hand over the car at the indicated sale price because the market value of the car has increased.