Two Posthumous Tupac Albums Are Reportedly In The Works

Tupac’s voice will once again speak to the culture.
Few rappers have influenced the foundations of the culture like Tupac Shakur. Since his untimely death in 1996, Pac’s spirit has lived on through his music, which has prolonged his reach well into the millennium. With an equal amount of studio and posthumous projects, many wondered Pac’s vaults had simply run dry. Apparently, the doors have been reopened.

According to The Blast, Tupac’s estate has recently settled a lawsuit with Death Row Records, which originally centered around unpaid royalties; the lawsuit also targeted Canadian company Entertainment One, who actually bought Death Row in 2013. With those matters settled, Pac’s estate is set to receive a lofty batch of unreleased music, reportedly enough for two or three new albums.

It’s been over a decade since we’ve heard a posthumous album from Tupac’s camp. His last project was 2006’s Pac’s Life, which followed up the Eminem-produced Loyal To The Game. While both received mixed reviews, it’s hard to deny that Pac’s absence has been felt, and hearing his voice once again would be most welcome. As of now, these reports remain purely speculation, yet it wouldn’t be surprising to see developments start to gain momentum in the coming months.

Given the creator’s lack of agency, it can be argued that they are not genuine reflections of Pac’s creative vision. With his legacy well cemented, do you feel like posthumous albums contribute to the cause?