Cardi meets Bernie.

After much anticipation, Cardi B sat down with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at the TEN Nail Bar in Detroit. During the 12-minute interview, they discussed issues facing Americans today including police brutality, immigration, student debt, healthcare, wages, and more.

The Grammy-winning rapper started off asking Sanders is he’s afraid he’s going to upset the powerful people who run drug companies. “Cardi, that’s what I’ve been doing my whole life,” responded the Vermont Senator.

Cardi, who also fielded questions submitted by her millions of followers on social media, tackled serious topics including police brutality. “We constantly see our men getting killed every day,” she said. “And it seems like nobody cares.”

They also shared their mutual distaste for Donald Trump and admiration for former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. “I feel like it’s amazing because he became a president when America was in one of its worst times. And not only are you going through a depression, but you’re also going through World War II,” said Cardi of FDR. “So it just amazed me that he came up with all of those things, plus personal problems … It’s just like goddamn, I love him. He’s my favorite.”

Sanders responded, “Well, I want to be your favorite after I’m elected.”

Watch Cardi “feel the Bern.